ABL Young Lawyers

The Young Lawyers Group ('YLG') is an ABL initiative to enable young lawyers in ABL member firms to develop and work alongside the senior members of ABL and to contribute towards the longevity of ABL. The definition of a "young lawyer" is a lawyer who is not a partner and has not completed 10 years of legal practice.

The YLG aims to enable young lawyers to:

  • build up their own network of contacts within ABL; and
  • develop their own legal education through forums such as publications on the ABL website, the ABL Insider and webinars.

Since the inception of the YLG in 2015, the YLG has contributed to ABL in terms of periodically publishing reports on different legal aspects from around the world as well as providing regular updates at the bi-annual ABL conferences.

Currently, the YLG has 25 members from various ABL member firms representing 14 countries including, Belgium, Brazil, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, India, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

For further information please contact Claire Rigby