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Why Join the Alliance of Business Lawyers?

In an increasingly global economy, clients expect their legal advisers to deliver first-class advice anywhere in the world. To meet client demand and to retain a competitive edge, more law firms have turned to international legal associations. At ABL we recognize the strategic importance of combining knowledge of local conditions and practices with international reach and resources.

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Membership benefits

Global alliance

With presence in more than 25 countries, ABL member firms join forces when working on international transactions.


The Alliance of Business Lawyers has stringent membership entry criteria and carries out a detailed due diligence on any prospective member firm.


Alliance of Business Lawyers is a well reputed, globally branded organization. Through ABL membership your firm can enjoy referrals from several other jurisdictions and also offer international clients a seamless global service.

Retaining firm independence

ensure your firm retains its independence whilst extending its clients serviceability without the need for a firm merger.


ABL member firms are granted exclusive membership rights over their own geographic territory or business center as defined by the ABL executive committee.


Last but not least, ABL members enjoy the friendship of other members worldwide.

In our continuous endeavor to strengthen our global network, we are actively looking for members in key business centers around the world.

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