Doing Business Guides

Are you taking your company global? Making your venture into a foreign market can be both daunting and rewarding. With the ABL Doing Business Guides we hope to answer the many questions that businesses and entrepreneurs have when stepping into a new market. Members of ABL have taken on the task to try and help. Many firms have written Doing Business Guides that highlights some of the critical items that must be considered when conducting business within their region. The guides are not meant to be step by step instruction manuals but rather are designed to provide information on a number of subjects important to those contemplating investing or doing business in the applicable region.

Region Firm
China Wan Hui Da
Colombia Corporate & Tax Planning
Czech Republic Hartmann, Jelínek, Fráňa and Partners Ltd.
Nypl Novák Kavalírová & Partners
Peru MG Abogados Peru
Poland Szmyrka, Nawrat & Wspolnicy
Spain Arraut & Asociados
MG Abogados
Switzerland DGM Avocats
UK Druces LLP

NOTE: Published Doing Business Guides are not intended to be used as a substitute for specific legal advice or opinions and are based on accurate information at the time of publishing. Up-to-date advice and specific assistance for each region's matters can be obtained from the ABL member located in a specific region.