Miguères Moulin has been awarded the “Advanced” level within The UN Global Compact.

WTR ranks Wan Hui Da Law Firm in gold band. Huang Hui wins individual honor.

Another inspiring ABL conference was held in Argentina, Buenos Aires, November 2015.

Kent ABL member admits three new partners.

Hans Mathijsen was appointed European President of the Mars & Mercurius national Circles. 

Druces LLP hires new partners to boost the firm's growing practice. 

Read more on Panama's immigration incentives. 

Mr. Carlos Melconian will be the keynote speaker at the upcoming ABL Conference in Buenos Aires. 

ABL member for Hong Kong, OLN, received the Immigration Law Firm of the Year 2015 Award by Asian Legal Business. 

Malta’s citizenship-by-investment programme has raised over €1 billion in capital since its launch about 18 months ago.