Membership Benefits

Why Join the Alliance of Business Lawyers?

In an increasingly global economy, clients expect their legal advisers to deliver first-class advice anywhere in the world. 

To meet client demand and to retain a competitive edge, more law firms have turned to international legal associations. 

At ABL we recognize the strategic importance of combining knowledge of local conditions and practices with international reach and resources.

Grow your business by ABL's multiple benefits:

One-stop shop

through the various ABL Business Units, ABL member firms join forces when working on international transactions. Each Business Unit creates a forum where our specialists exchange their expertise and form expert teams for any transaction. Through ABL's close cooperation with Integra International, a global network of accountancy firms, auditors and tax consultants, members can offer their clients a real one-stop shop in their international activities. For example, think of a German company acquiring commercial property sites in Poland or a US client setting up a business within the European community for tax purposes. Through ABL clients can be assured they will receive quality proactive legal advice enabling them to take their businesses forward.


the Alliance of Business Lawyers has stringent membership entry criteria and carries out detailed due diligence on any prospective member firm before continuing the application procedure. The due diligence process includes various checks ensuring that the applicant has a strong internationally focused commercial practice that matches our member's profile, leading to maximum referral opportunities.

Client retention

clients expand and move into foreign territories, requiring small and medium-sized law firms to have fast and easy access to contacts in cities and countries they can rely on, without the risk or cost of opening their own offices. Through ABL membership smaller firms can confidently refer their clients to any ABL member in any other jurisdiction, and avoid losing clients to larger international law firms. ABL member firms offer the same level of local expertise and above all value for money.

Return on investment

our careful selection of ABL member firms leads to synergies between the firms and increased turnover and know-how generated from ABL referrals. ABL members attach great importance to personal contact and development of long-term relationships, which we consider is the basis for a maximum return on investment.

Practice development

Alliance of Business Lawyers is a well reputed, globally branded organization. Globalized business has made many professional law firms view networks as key to developing their international practices and attracting larger, more profitable clients operating on a multi-jurisdictional basis. Through ABL membership your firm can also offer international clients a seamless, global service.

Retaining firm independence

ensure your firm retains its independence whilst extending its clients serviceability without the need for a firm merger.

Know how

ABL member firms offer each other an insight into their respective jurisdictions when a client needs an answer to a question related to a foreign legal system. This collegial spirit adds tremendous value to the services they can offer their clients.


ABL member firms are granted exclusive membership rights over their own geographic territory or business center as defined by the ABL executive committee. Apart from inward referral opportunities, exclusive membership helps independent law firms to market themselves towards large internationally focused clients.


Last but not least, ABL members enjoy the friendship of other members worldwide!

In our continuous endeavour to strengthen our global network, we are actively looking for members in key business centres around the world. Grab the opportunity to get involved in challenging, international work while retaining your firm's independence, and keep your clients one step ahead.