Teun Blom

Teun Blom, LL.M.

Attorney at Law

Teun Blom (1986) started his studies at the University of Applied Science in Amsterdam and continued after 2 years at the University of Amsterdam where he earned his Bachelors degree in 2011.

In his Bachelor studies Teun focused on European Consumer Law and Civil Procedural Law (A Judges power in case of parties default and judgement in absentia).

In July 2012 Teun graduated at the University of Amsterdam and earned his Master degree in Civil Law. He graduated on the subject of Insolvency Law with a thesis on the subordination of shareholder loans in and before bankruptcy.

At Willems Teun is since 2008 active in the (international) civil law practise with a focus on contract- and obligation law. First as Legal Counsel and since October 2012 as attorney at law.

Next to his work at Willems Teun is active in theatre, as actor and producer.