Labour Law

Dealing with labour and employment matters in a foreign country is a risk. Foreign employment laws and international labour relations issues are challenging for every business and can often be a minefield. ABL’s network employment lawyers can help to anticipate and avoid these risks. Our business unit for employment law gathers specialist employment lawyers together and expertise from ABL member firms all over the world. Through being in regular contact in person at conferences and workshops and through instant e-mail access our employment lawyers discuss and keep abreast of latest developments and share knowledge in dealing with current problems of national and international labour law. Members can offer their clients not only their own expertise, but also the knowledge and services of the expert employment lawyers in other member firms and thus can easily refer clients to experts around the globe. Our exchange with other employment lawyers across the globe helps us gain a greater understanding of different legal systems as well as disparate cultural expectations and mentalities. As a result, ABL employment lawyers work collaboratively across borders to provide integrated and commercial solutions to a wide range of employment-related concerns in the field of cross-border employments. The members of the ABL network can assist clients, facilitate and manage immigration issues, will advise on cross-border secondments and expatriate assignments, help obtain work and residency permits and sort out social security requirements. ABL employment lawyers also provide assistance and representation before tribunal and labour authorities.