International Arbitration & Mediation

The International Arbitration & Mediation Unit is an initiative of ABL. As most lawyers are confronted with disputes and/or how to resolve or avoid them, we believe that parties often tend to persist in their disputes and either do not know or see what are the alternatives and the different options to reach their goal. Common interests are not recognized and parties stick to short-term thinking instead of possible long-term collaboration. We are frequently faced with time consuming procedures, cultural and legal obstructions occurring when carrying on business abroad.

We believe that mediation and/or arbitration is often the answer: Mediation by facilitating conversation between parties in order to bring them to a ‘self-constructed’ and, therefore, more satisfying solution and arbitration as a ‘fast-lane’ and economically justified decision maker.

The ABL International Arbitration & Mediation Unit aims to exchange information, experiences, views and ideas on Arbitration & Mediation in order to gain further training, to improve the services to clients and to learn how to deal with cultural, religious, ethnic and other differences between parties. We feel that the progressing globalisation compels us to do so. The unit is composed of lawyers with experience in one or more of the above mentioned fields and who exchange and share their experiences and their expertise on a regular basis. The experience within the network can be made available to all members and their clients.

If you would like to find out more please contact Marc van Huffelen at van Huffelen & Co Lawyers & Mediators.