Cross-Border Real Estate

Property is one of the most sought after investments worldwide. Together with the financial markets, it ranks as the leading attractor of surplus funds. Of course, property is also sought after as a base for business or family.

The Cross-Border Real Estate Unit has been set up within ABL for the purpose of assisting our network's clients, both corporate and individual, to purchase property in jurisdictions other than their own. Not only, but also to assist them in identifying the best opportunities.

The Unit also aims to draw up a comparative table of requirements, procedures and fiscal liabilities (as also benefits and incentives) involved in the purchase of property in the jurisdictions covered by our network. Of particular interest is the proposed creation of a European Single Property Market within the EU and eventually a European Contract Code and the integration of mortgage markets.

For further information please contact Laura Gobernado at MG Abogados or Austin Sammut at David Zahra & Associates.

For further information please contact Laura Gobernado