Corporate Finance

Increased globalisation of businesses, the increased sophistication of clients and the emergence of new markets around the world means that more and more clients need advisers in different jurisdictions and we must be able to fulfil those needs. ABL and Integra International have a number of firms active in cross-border corporate finance transactions and need to offer a seamless spread of services wherever the need arises.

ABL and Integra therefore agreed to form a Corporate Finance Unit as a joint initiative, thus bringing together the experience and resources of the two associations to share information, expertise and opportunities and to raise the profile of the two networks.

The Corporate Finance Unit has the aim of creating and enabling deal opportunities of varying types such as the sale and acquisitions of businesses and companies, IPOs and raising funds. The Corporate Finance Unit will aim to provide market intelligence data to members, technical resources and contacts all with the aim of enhancing the level of co-operation and referrals between members of ABL and Integra.

Corporate Finance encompasses a wide range of activities and the Unit aims to provide members with a real competitive edge. The Corporate Finance Unit is currently being taken forward by a core team of members from each of ABL and Integra. If you would like to find out more about ABL's involvement in the Unit please contact Toby Stroh at Druces LLP.