Business Restructuring & Insolvency

The Business Restructuring & Insolvency Unit is a joint initiative between ABL and Integra International which brings together an international grouping of mid size firms of lawyers, accountants and insolvency practitioners with experience in:

  • restructuring;
  • rescue; and
  • insolvency.

Our members regularly act for companies, directors, shareholders, lenders, creditors, and other professionals on cross-border restructuring and insolvency matters. They have the expertise to guide, advise and represent clients in both contentious and non-contentious situations. The emphasis of the Unit is upon business rescue and avoiding insolvency, if possible.

The mission of the Unit is to:

  • provide a greater understanding of international insolvency law as it applies to individual countries and the effect of cross-border insolvency situations;
  • enable a member in one country to request assistance from a member in another country to provide advice on the local laws, make enquiries as to the recoverability of a debt and to represent and advise the client in that country;
  • and offer a seamless global service for clients with respect to their overseas subsidiaries or creditors and, in so doing, prevent a client from going to a larger firm who may be able to offer this service from within its own network of international offices.

For further information please contact Christopher Axford