Compliance is no longer intended to fight only corruption, bribery, money laundering and the financing of terrorism, but is becoming more interdisciplinary and focuses on many other legal aspects such as consumer protection, new technologies, environmental protection & performance, privacy of personal information, individual data, market abuse and many other fields. Generally, companies will always respond to the offenses committed by their employees for both direct and indirect advantages. However, companies may be able to construct an effective defense and therefore be exempt from administrative or criminal liability if they can prove that they implemented a Compliance Management System (CMS).

The most obvious consequence of compliance it that it decreases or even nullifies the risk of penalties, lawsuits or even the closure of businesses. Regulators and lawmakers worldwide have been enacting a growing number of local regulations which organizations need to comply with. ABL members worldwide have helped to implement and improve the “state of the art” basis of CMS. This makes ABL the perfect institution to offer integrated compliance services - to private firms and governments – at a global level and with all the indispensable and most recent tools necessary to implement a CMS.

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