Covid 19 - Entry and Exit of Portuguese Territory

By the Resolution of the Council of Ministers nº 10-B/2020, exceptional measures were
imposed regarding the entry and exit of Portuguese territory, those measures were extended
until the 15th of May.

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Changes in Russian Legislation Caused by Covid-19

Covid-19 caused many changes to the legislative acts of all countries all over the world. In Russia there are changes to terms and conditions of payments for bank credits, licensing, terms of tax reporting, tax paying, terms of building permits, deferred and installment payment and so on.

This article touches on the changes with regard to  provisions of lease, insolvency, operation of entities, construction of buildings.

Commentary: The Impact of Coronavirus on Commercial Contracts

The coronavirus pandemic has caused huge disruption to the worldwide economy. The pandemic has impacted businesses of all sizes and reached every sector. Last month many non-essential shops and businesses were forced to close at short notice following the introduction of emergency restrictions by the UK government. The scale of the closures is unprecedented and has had a ripple effect across the global economy. It has also affected the ability of businesses to enforce or comply with their contractual rights and obligations.

This article looks at some of the ways a party may be able to terminate a commercial contract or bring it to an end on the grounds of coronavirus.



By Decree No. 23 on 8 April 2020 (in the Italian Official Journal No. 94 on 8 April 2020) – called “Decreto Liquidità”, the Italian Government regulated, among others, some urgent measures on insolvency proceedings.

As such measures are related to civil proceedings, their factual application shall be assessed on a case by case analysis, also in light of the provisions on civil justice set forth by the previous Decree “Cura Italia”, No. 18 on 17 March 2020, that have been examined in our previous newsletter on that matter;

PORTUGAL | Lease Contracts in Times of COVID-19

In the context of the epidemiological situation caused by the disease COVID-19, Law 4-C / 2020
of 6th April was approved, which establishes an exceptional regime for situations of delay in
the payment of rent due in urban housing and non-housing lease agreements.

This Law aims to minimize the impact on the household economy caused by the extraordinary
measures that have been implemented to combat the pandemic caused by Coronavirus.

The state of emergency imposed on the 18th of March and extended on the 2nd of April led to
the creation of support in several sectors, including the real estate market, namely renting.
As such, this exceptional regime was approved, which aims to protect those involved in rental
contracts who are in a situation of economic need resulting from the measures taken to
combat the epidemiological outbreak.

For a better framing of Law 4-C / 2020, SCA Advogados made a brief summary of the essential points.

Overview of Pandemic Business Continuity

A pandemic is an outbreak of disease over a widespread geographic area. When the World Health Organization (WHO) declares a pandemic, as it did in June 2009 with the outbreak of the H1N1 virus (swine flu), the disease has typically reached a global level. Up to 40% of the workforce could be affected by absenteeism in the event of a pandemic flu or influenza, raising concerns about:

• Widespread illness.
• Employee absenteeism.
• Business disruptions.
• Possible office closures.

Employers should be prepared if a pandemic occurs. This Memorandum identifies the key legal issues an employer should consider in preparing for and responding to the effects of a pandemic in the workplace. The information will also help employers in preparing for and responding to other illnesses, such as seasonal influenza, that may be less widespread but still affect the workplace.

Coronavirus in Russia : Legal, Political and Social Measures

The Coronavirus epidemic has affected a large number of countries around the world. Russia is not an exception.

In order to prevent the spread of infection as well as severe economic and social consequences, the authorities of the Russian Federation took a number of measures that are currently not final. New measures may be taken in the future, depending on the current situation in the country.

COVID-19 | Small Business Interruption Loans : What the CARES ACT Means to You and Your Business

USA - The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Security Act (The CARES Act) provides $349 billion in loans and potential grants to small businesses for much-needed cash flow relief during these challenging times.

The Act was passed in the Senate on March 25, 2020 and in the House of Representatives on March 27, 2020, and signed into law by President Trump.

This Memo summarizes the key highlights of the loan and grant program for small businesses under the Act.

Covid-19 Special Brazil

ABL Fortaleza Member, R.Amaral Advogados, have published a Covid-19 E-Book.


Covid-19: Postpone or Adjourn your AGM?

The 2020 annual general meeting (“AGM”) season is rapidly approaching, and one question that will most likely be at the forefront of directors’ minds is what contingency plans should they have in place for the AGM, in light of the outbreak of Covid-19 and the UK Government’s advice to follow social distancing and self-isolation?

Jack Kemmish, an Associate in Druces LLP's Corporate and Capital Markets team, sets out some thoughts and points for consideration by directors of UK public limited companies below, some of which The Chartered Governance Institute and a number of other organisations have recently considered.