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Global Insight

Doing Business in Switzerland

Switzerland benefits from a stable and reliable economic situation due to its strategic position in the centre of Europe, proximity infrastructures, high skilled labour force, liberal labour law, competitive tax system and substantial investments in research and developments during the last decades.

Read our Doing Business in Switzerland Guide to find out about the most important legal considerations for a foreign individual or organisation wishing to establish business operations in Switzerland.

This publication was prepared by DGM Avocats, an independent ABL member with offices in Geneva. The firm provides a full range of legal services on behalf of both private clients and companies worldwide. DGM is associated with MD Services S.A., which provides accounting, administrative and management services to foreign and Swiss companies.


  • Lisbon, Portugal, November 1, 2017 - November 4, 2017

    SCA Advogados are excited to host the 36th ABL Conference in Lisbon.

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