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Global Insight

Brexit...Protecting EU Employees

What you can do to protect EU Employees’ rights now that Britain has voted to leave the EU...

Since the release of the results of the EU referendum on 24 June 2016, EU employees are now anxiously awaiting confirmation that their right to live and work in the UK will be preserved, when Britain finally withdraws from the EU.

This is drawn into sharp relief by a July 2016 Report from Social Market Foundation, an independent British public policy think-tank, that suggests that more than half a million of the 3.6 million EU residents currently living in the UK, may not have qualified for permanent residency by the time of Brexit.

Therefore, protecting EU employees’ rights after Brexit is now a number one business priority for the many UK industries, which rely heavily on workers and staff from Europe.

  • Miami, FL, November 16, 2016 - November 19, 2016

    Our hosts from Rasco Klock Perez & Nieto are looking forward to seeing all ABL members  again in Miami for the 34th ABL Conference.

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