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Global Insight

Emerging Judicial Trends in the Enforceability of International Arbitral Awards in India

With the advent of globalization, the commercial world has seen an exponential increase in cross-border trade and commerce. This has lead to an increase in the number of commercial disputes as well. International arbitration has become the preferred remedy for adjudicating such disputes. However, excessive intervention by the national courts, generally defeats the aim of the arbitration procedure which is to provide speedy adjudication of commercial disputes.

This research paper analyses the recent judicial trends pertaining to the enforceability of International Arbitral Awards in India.

  • Lima, Peru, May 9, 2018 - May 12, 2018

    The 37th ABL Conference will be held in Lima, Peru, May 2018.


  • Florence, Italy, October 17, 2018 - October 20, 2018

    The 38th ABL Conference will be held in Florence, Italy, 17-20 October 2018.

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    The 39th ABL Conference will be held in Tokyo, Japan, Spring 2019.The exact dates are not known yet.


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