Executive Board

The ABL Executive Board deals with matters that have world wide ramifications for the association.


Emmanuel Moulin

Co-founder of the Allliance of Business Lawyers and of the Paris law firm Miguérès Moulin, Emmanuel Moulin is a recognized specialist in mergers and acquisitions.

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Vice President

Stephen Holmes

Voted Top 50 Best Lawyers in Canada for his expertise, Stephen advises primarily on International Planning, Securities, Corporate and Tax Law.

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Director of Finance

Baudouin Dunand

Partner at DGM Avocats, Baudouin has been the ABL Finance Director since 2006.

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Board Members

Luis Azevedo

Luis deals with commercial litigation and arbitration, insurance & reinsurance and insolvency.

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Mona Bhide

Mona Bhide is based in Mumbai, India and has been the Managing Partner of Dave & Girish & Co since 1992.

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Ombretta Dal Negro

Practicing law since 1972, Ombretta is a highly experienced corporate lawyer.

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Pavel Fráňa

Pavel Frana's main expert fields are Commercial Law, Securities Law, International Law and Arbitration Law.

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Matthias Gieseking

Who wants to go to court if he can reach his goals by smart strategies?

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Laura Gobernado

Master in International Economic Law and Head of International Law Department.

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Radu Ionescu

Radu is the managing partner of Ionescu si Sava and co-ordinates the corporate and commercial advisory practice. 

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Mark Ruddy

Securities and commodities attorney with over 15 years of experience in the alternative investments industry.

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Toby Stroh

Highly experienced Corporate and Commercial lawyer and best-selling co-author.

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